What is reflected in the photos? A girl with a hood own.

What do the faces of the people reveal?  She is hiding.

What emotions do the photos raise for you? She is confused and scared.

How are the lives of these people different to your own? Why? She is poor, she might be in a developing country.

What is the story behind the picture? She is hiding.

Livec cattle

Four corners live exports 

Dear editor:


From what you have shown me my opinion on this subject have changed entirely about live exports. This can change the way that the government is thinking about live exports.



oIn a butcher eyes a cow is already dead but it is the process that makes it brutal, disturbing and disgusting. In this program you showed 6 personal stories and all of them were heart breaking. Would you like to be a cow getting tortured and brutally beat because I know I wouldn’t.



The government try to fix the problem for years now but the government have “more imported things on their mind”. The country mostly doing this is indonesia. When butchers kill they should do it quickly not brutally beast them.


There was a brave cow called Brian he fought and fought but the butchers wouldn’t stop. The butcher kicked, whipped and hit Brian. And that was the first personal story there was still another 5 and each one got worse and worse how could someone be there just watching some on do this.


If the government focuses more on this subject we can do more and help the farmers in need this is their life’s work taking of them.

BY Jackson


 This animal lives on the planet Tr@ciol it is a hot and dry planet. it digs up burrows and eats rats and lizzards. It cant see it can only smell and her its prey. it collects water underground. Sorry it rude.

Persuasive text

Me and my class have been doing persuasive text with mr Lee. we are doing this becuase nap plan is near. I got 19/21

Is caging animals wrong? Caged animals can be a good thing if there treated well but it can also be bad. If there not well fed or don’t get enough exercise. I believe that caged animals are wrong.

The animals would be cramped. 10 chickens get shoved into one cage (   RSPCA) that’s a size for one dog.  Chickens would even be lucky to breath or even reach their food. Even if the cages were bigger the animals would not get any exercise.

Caged animals don’t get well fed most caged animals don’t get fed until every two days. It’s just as bad as slavery. The owners don’t even care for the animals they just want them alive for money its disgusting I can’t believe people actually do this.

How would you like it if your animal was in a small cage standing on his own Feces? It’s not a very good image.  No matter what animal it is you pet could kidnaped and put into dog fight or go onto sale. I can’t imagine my dog being so poorly treated like it’s a toy it’s just so sad.

Multiple Intelligences Survey

  • Me and my class did a survey called Multiple Intelligences Survey. This is  not if your smart but how you smart? I did mine and i was happy about my results. I agree about my top three becuase it is me that is how i am. I disagree that i’m not naturalistic i love nature i know alot about nature but i am still happy with my results. I didn’t expect to be number smart that was really a suprise.
  • Linguistic 6
  • logical 7 (TOP 3)
  • visual/spatial 2
  • kinaesthetic 4
  • musical 5
  • interpersonal 8 (TOP 3)
  • intrapersonal 7 (TOP 3)
  • naturalistic 0